Eat Green! And no, I’m not talking about Broccoli.

As our society becomes more conscientious of our carbon footprints, it is important to apply ‘green’ principles to different aspects of daily life. The food in most grocery stores is shipped in from all across the country, and even the world. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly by transporting these goods is astounding, and an easy way to reduce this number is by buying food from local farmers. Continue reading

Fear No More! Shrimp Is Healthy and Easy to Make!

Liberate the shrimp! I don’t mean set them free, silly. I mean allow them to be a more regular part of your family dinners. Everyone loves shrimp, and while you may associate them with fancy cocktail parties or lavish seafood dinners, they don’t need to be relegated to such special occasions. Any ordinary meal at home can be made special by incorporating shrimp. Many people are afraid to cook shrimp either because they think they are unhealthy or because they think they are difficult to prepare correctly. Both those myths can now be officially dispelled here and now. Continue reading

Ways to Incorporate the Meatless Option

It’s dinnertime.  A tense silence befalls the table.  Will the meat-veggie debate arise again?

This used to be dinner at my family’s house every night – until I became savvy to the ways of meat-free gourmet cuisine.  Instead of the same old arguments and awkward silences, a harmonious symbiosis has developed between the carnivores and the herbivores that share meals together at our family table.   Continue reading

How To Make Coffee In A French Press

Can you smell that delectable fresh roast coffee scent in the air? If you were a Folger’s filter person before, you’ll never be able to go back now. Coffee made in a French press is a whole different world. The preferred method of brewing in Europe, coffee connoisseurs the world over agree that this form of coffee brewing is superior. Also known as the plunger pot, the coffee press, or the press pot, French press brewing is also quickly becoming a favorite brewing method in the United States.

Continue reading

Changing the Face of War

Peace. Everyone wants it, but it’s so hard to come by. Generations upon generations of humans constantly finding reasons to fight and kill each other, made all the easier with the advent of advanced weapon technology. Guns, missiles, bombs, IEDs, suicide attackers, biological weapons and more. Targeting civilians and military alike, these weapons spit in the face of the straight forward nature of hand-to-hand combat between armies on agreed-upon battle grounds. No, these days, war knows no boundaries, abides by little to no rules. How do we cope with the reality and possibility for war everywhere we go? How do we live as a world who prefers peace, but tends towards war? Continue reading

Diminishing Nuclear Threat

Nuclear threats are existent in our society, whether we choose to acknowledge them or not. It would be reassuring to know that all nuclear and chemical weapons were known and accounted for, but that is not the case. No matter how hard our government works toward locating all weapons of mass destruction, there are people working equally as hard on the other side to keep them hidden from us. Continue reading